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KREUZungen – CROSSings



15 to 24 August 2014, 11 to 19 clock

Figure: 2 LETTERS of E. Hartwig, 2006-07, installation view, detail

The exhibition KREUZungen / Crossings is a tribute to the cemetery for prisoners of the first world war, alongside the homecoming settlement near Frankfurt / Oder / part 6 of the long-term project on the Oderbruch (-Break) Übergriffe / Overhandy. My Little Europe ROOM INSTALLATIONS

Artist: Ingar Krauss, Sascha Leeske, Baldur Schoenfelder, Christiane Wartenberg, Eberhard Hartwig (15th to 17.08. the artist are present) Location: Homestead / Farm Förster / Wartenberg, Loose 11, 15324 Letschin OT Ortwig (Oderbruch), phone 03 34 78-47 03 –

  E. Hartwig, AUFZEICHNUNGEN - BRIEFE, 2006/07, Ausstellungsansicht, Ausschnitt   E. Hartwig, AUFZEICHNUNGEN - BRIEFE, 2006/07, und Ch. Wartenberg, Wörterhaufen, 2014, Ausstellungsansicht, Ausschnitt   Ch. Wartenberg, Was ich eigentlich ..., 2014, Acryl auf Folie, - E. Hartwig, BRIEF im Anschnitt, Ausstellungsdetail   B. Schönfelder, Fallen, 3 Skulpturen, - Ch. Wartenberg, überkreuz, 2014, Acryl, Kreide, Kohle auf Papier, - E. Hartwig, BLÄTTER, 2003/2014, 14 Monotypien, Ausschnitt   I. Krauss, Photo-Installation unter Verwendung historischer Fotos 1914/15, 2014, Ausschnitt   I. Krauss, Photos vom inneren Friedhof, März 2014, Ausstellungsausschnitt   S. Leeske und Ch. Wartenberg, Vorsichtige Annäherung, Video, 2014, Einzelbild   Ch. Wartenberg, Bei Wasser und Brot, Installation, 2014, zu Tropfblut von A. Stramm, Ausschnitt  (all Photos by E. Hartwig)

Märkische Oder-Zeitung, 18.08.2014, by Ines Rath, editors Seelow:

„Prisoners-photos in former root cellar

Ortwig (MOZ). „KREUZungen – Crossroads“ call Christiane Wartenberg, Eberhard Hartwig, Ingar Krauss and Baldur Schoenfelder their disputes with a forgotten cemetery from the First World War in Frankfurt (Oder). The place is less important to them is the discussion of the topic important. „This is so extensively“, says Christiane Wartenberg, „that we only give an impetus to make a small contribution to the debate“. This is succeeded: the presentation on the Wartenberg-Farm in Ortwig-Loose is so complex, should that for every be something. Since the oppressive perfectly crafted wooden cages of Baldur Schoenfelder, the largest of which, a man of high three-piece, wide open lured into the trap. Behind the Monotopien, unique prints, Eberhard Hartwig are letters hidden by prisoners whose signature can not be deciphered so much one strives. involuntarily thinks, what they may well have communicated. Ingar Krauss has worked alongside their own work original photographs of prisoners and proud soldiers for the exhibition. You find yourself, dimly lit with candles, dark and oppressive force in the low root cellar of the court and the very fact to look closely. A rusty bed frame is divided into fragments of words now with us, what the hospital sister Gisela sent a mother: Her son was dead, a bullet had seriously injured him. Even more touching for a few moments in the „cell“ with water, bread and two poems that Christiane Wartenberg has built and airy with views. Much more can be discovered. But – past the „temporary cemetery“ with its well-ordered grave boards – is a silent documentary film by Sascha Leeske a must. The camera approaches cautiously and detailed the starting point of the project – the forgotten cemetery in Frankfurt. … “